Conservative/Libertarian Digital Crackdown Continues

This is a news item that should surprise no one, but barely hours after what appeared to be a coordinated attack by Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google targeting prominent anti-mainstream media commentator Alex Jones, other conservative and Libertarian accounts are being targeted as well.

The attack on Jones is now being seen as the start of an entire digital campaign targeting right wing figures that had long been claiming that these tech giants had been hindering the flow of information and freedom of speech on their platforms. The latest strings of attacks include suspension of the Twitter account of Daniel McAdams, the Ron Paul Institute Director.

Other figures that have come under attack include the director of the editorial director Scott Horton, ex-State Department employee Peter Von Buren as well as a number of others.

All these commentators complained that they received similar excuses for the suspension of their accounts i.e. use of improper language as well as the incitement of violence. They have so far rejected the notion and have claimed that this is the mainstream media’s latest attempt to silent voices that do not conform to their narrative.

Something similar was already considered to be on the cards when conservatives raised uproar over the ludicrous suspension of Candace Owens’ account. It is now becoming clearer with each passing day that the tech giants have decided to initiate a complete process of political censorship. By preventing people from listening to opinions and facts that defy the single-line narrative pursued by most mainstream channels, these platforms are attempting to push their own agendas.

The whole episode received a special attention from Nigel Farage who highlighted the blatant censorship of conservative voices such as Alex Jones and InfoWars. In an op-ed written on Tuesday, he decries the attempts to silence all voices that attempt to show the public the complete picture on all matters political, economic and social.

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About the Author: Emmy Skylar

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