Classic Mustang Models To Be Revived With Some Modern Features

There is still life in the classic Mustang models, and driving to the future in style, but with some new, modern features, it is now possible for Mustang lovers. For all the connoisseurs out there, this one will make you believe in your dreams, once again. Find out how one of the most excellent cars worldwide will be brought to life!

We only needed one man who could fully invest in people’s dreams and bring to life one of the American legends, the Ford Mustang. For Tom Scarpello, Revology founder and CEO, there was still a way to do things right. Revology is what a car like that needed it because the company it’s re-building classic Mustangs, in a way that we didn’t see it before.

Scarpello began with his amazing Mustang, but only as a personal project. He was then an engineer at the prestigious company, Ford. Only after some time, he found his dream team at Revology, with an already record of 50 cars rebuilding.

Classic Mustang Models To Be Revived By A Florida Company

What does Revology do? The company helps people get their dream car by rebuilding some fastbacks or convertibles based only on the most significant period of the Ford Mustang, the first generation of between 1965-1968. Scarpello explained that all they need to do is to improve the dynamics of the car and then they can revive the pleasure of driving one of the greatest classic Mustang models, but without benefiting from a modern touch.

The company offers a one of a kind experience by changing Mustang’s engine with something more powerful, and, for example, the car engine is now a 460 HP Coyote 5,0L V8, for a Mustang 1965. The classic Mustang models’ reboot cars will also get a brand-new set of suspensions, brakes and some new steering. All of that will offer a better ride and of course, handling.

Revology rebuilds every classic Mustang at order, their prices begin at the incredible amount of $175,500 and can go up to even a quarter million. Also, you must acknowledge the fact that Revology is the only company that Ford totally approved, having, too, a license from Shelby.

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