Asus VR formally introduced, COST $ 430

Well everyone knows Asus, now the company is trying to take another step to the other level of technology. Technological market is very is a day to day race, which never ends and always will keep going with dynamic and extreme steps.

Windows Asus Windows VR’s headphones were finally introduced yesterday, following earlier Mixed Reality Headsets, which began last year by Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo players.

The new Asus Windows VR headsets cost $ 430 and come with a very similar design to the aforementioned devices discovered and launched one year ago. The Asus HC102 Windows VR headphone specifications include a resolution of 3K or 2880 x 1440 pixels (1,440 × 1,440 per eye), a wide viewing angle of 95 degrees and a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Unlike any other VR devices on the market, these Asus-Mixed Reality Headset HC102 do not need external sensors, making it seem a bit easier to install. The device comes with two direct track cameras that offer six degrees of freedom (6DoF), providing an internal view that enables application for virtual reality and the ability to project digital images on your real-world environment. Amazing!

The headphones are also equipped with multiple sensors in the shape of a gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer to determine user orientation and to synchronize virtual and physical worlds for added reality and virtual reality applications. Asus also explains that the VR headset supports more than 20,000 Windows applications and more than 2,000 Steam VR titles in the launch, while the same offer the ability to watch 360 degree video and movies. For more information go to the official site where the Asus Headset Mixed Reality HC102 is now available for purchase at a price of $ 430. Seems they have-thought about everything!

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