​NASA to Send Astronauts to the Lunar South Pole

NASA, the American space agency plans to send astronauts to the Moon’s surface exactly on the lunar south pole, an enigmatic area that has never been explored by humans. The agency declared on Monday that the lunar south pole is a target for further explorations, as it appears to be lavished with ice and probably hides more other different resources as well.

Researchers found frozen surface water on the lunar regions of the poles, in August 2018. The surfaces can ultimately be used for oxygen to breathe or for rocket fuel, and the scientists think that the ice surface could mean that the solar system holds ice elsewhere as well. The South Pole of the Moon is the most investigated area on the lunar surface, robotically, as humans have never been there.

Because of the freezing temperatures in space, lack of an atmosphere and the forked way the sunlight reaches its surface in the polar areas, the water on the Moon is solid. The temperature can reach -414 degrees Fahrenheit on the lunar poles.

NASA plans to send astronauts to the lunar south pole

Three different space probes discovered that the Moon has water. However, the presence of ice can make lunar landings much more comfortable and ultimately a moon colony would become a reality, as that ice would allow the astronauts gather and use water without having to bring it all the way from Earth.

Some researchers even begin to theorize that the fact that the Moon’s surface contains water could mean that the star sustained life billions of years ago.

John W. Keller, a lunar scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, said in an official statement that the presence of water accumulation on the lunar surface is a piece of information that can help them document and understand how water and other volatiles have been orbiting around the solar system. The scientists are extremely interested in collecting samples from the places mentioned above and also making a landing on the lunar south pole surface as well.

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