The first snow of the season hits Alberta

Chilly weather caused the first sighting of snow in Alberta this year.

Between 5 to 10 millimetres of wet snow fell near Jasper and a small blanket of snow near Hinton, roads are slippery and conditions are bad, but warmer weather is in the forecast for tomorrow with sunny but cloudy periods.

Most of the snow that fell was melted away after a few hours but with drizzling rain in the forecast and we can expect to see more over the next few hours and some parts of the night.

A Twitter user a picture this morning just after 10 AM near Hinton, where a low pressure system brought in a blanket of snow.

Jasper received as much as 10 millimetres of fast melting snow with higher elevations receiving even more, but it’s expected to be nice on Thursday forecasts a mix of sun and clouds and a 30 percent chance of precipitation. A small chance of snow is expected Thursday morning in between Banff and Jasper.

Alberta is not a stranger to early snow, in 2015 snow fell in Calgary as early as August 21.

The snow was melted the next day and Calgary received a fairly warm with in the following months.

The weather network calls for rain and cloudy periods over the next few days until Friday afternoon in much of southern Alberta.

Rain will help calm down the raging out-of-control wildfires near Pincher Creek as homes are being evacuated and relief efforts are underway.

Summers doesn’t last long in Alberta and much of Canada, enjoy the short summer months as much as possible before the harsh winter months ahead.

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