Does Chelsea Manning Pose a Threat to Canada?

American soldier Chelsea Manning, who was convicted by the US for leaking classified documents, poses no security threat to Canada says technology law researcher.

The assertion came from advocates of her case that is currently under review of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

Manning was barred from entering the country last month, because the officials at the Canada-US border saw her crimes as a violation of the treason laws in Canada.

Advocates of the case perceive Manning’s case as an anomaly in the routine immigration process. They have urged Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Immigration minister to step up and take measures to waive off the original decision.

“Ms. Manning’s case is an exceptional one. It’s exactly the kind of one where the minister should be exercising his direction,” said Lex Gill, an advocate and technology law researcher.

Over forty different individuals and organisations wrote to the immigration minister last week. These included Quakers in Canada, activists Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein, and others from various civil liberties and academic organisations.

“There are very strong public interest reasons to allow Ms. Manning to come into Canada and there is no public safety risk in allowing her to do so,” Lex Gill continued.

Meanwhile, the office of Immigration Ministry has abstained from commenting on the matter. In addition, there has been no hearing date scheduled for presenting Manning’s case to the immigration appeals division.

Chelsea Manning, a transgender woman who was previously known as Bradley Manning, was sentenced to 35 years of imprisonment following her conviction. She was accused of leaking sensitive details of the U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq to WikiLeaks.

While she has appealed against her conviction after being released from 7 years in prison, Manning simultaneously awaits her fate on Canadian immigration.

As of now, the Immigration and Refugee Board has over 10,000 cases pending decisions with more cases piling in every month.

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