You Can Watch Netflix USA From Abroad

It’s so annoying when you want to watch shows on Netflix, but they’re only aired in the USA. This thing happens because of the copyright law, as movie studios have different types of contracts in different countries, so you can see a movie series in the USA but not in another country.

For example, House of Cards is not available on Netflix in Hong Kong because a local TV network has the right to the show, so whoever lives there, must watch the series on TV.

Sign Up for a VPN Service

If you don’t live in the USA or if you move abroad and continue to watch those shows, we got you covered.

Compared to Europe’s offered content, Netflix USA has 3,000 more shows out there, so we get it why you need the USA version! But you can watch Netflix USA if you sign up for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider. Doing so, it will let you change the IP from your country to an address in USA.

If you haven’t used a VPN service until now, we made a list with user-friendly VPNs that let you watch Netflix from wherever you are. Most of them come with great offers when you subscribe to a three-year plan. Prices go as low as $2.99 per month for an expensive VPN provider (NordVPN), compared to a one-month subscription which is $11.95.


This is the best option on the market so far. It’s fast, secure, it works for Netflix on a wide range of devices and has an interface very easy to set up. It even enables Netflix on devices that cannot support VPNs – smart TVs, or game consoles. For what it offers, it’s also a little more expensive, but it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Another great choice for Netflix is NordVPN. It comes with great security; it offers performance ad many apps that work on different OS devices. This service also has a three-day free trial to see if it’s worth your money. At the moment, VPN supports Netflix in the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, and Japan.


This provider offers great speed which is perfect for streaming Netflix. It can definitely be used to stream Netflix USA, letting you enter it from whatever servers you try. You can test it for three days for free – and it comes with two different plans – basic and premium.

Using one of these VPNs will let you binge-watch USA Netflix shows from different operating systems. Remember that not all VPNs work for Netflix because the company has made a huge investment so that they can detect and block VPNs and deliver the popular “streaming errors.”

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