Why Netflix Wants to Cancel These TV Shows

Netflix keeps adding more and more content, be it original or not. The list is getting longer and longer, and we’re not surprised to always see new things.

Netflix is also adding content to its streaming platform, which means that it also cancel some of its original shows. It’s enough that the volume of content is so hard to keep up with anyway.

We’re here to tell you which are the shows that Netflix probably wants to cancel:


This one is an amazing time-travel series. It’s basically about how humans come back from the future to try to understand how they can change the course of humanity. Even if its third season was released in December, they’ve recently announced that they will cancel it.

The Punisher

We’ve seen how Marvel has canceled all of its other Netflix shows without thinking about it, leaving us only with Jessica Jones and The Punisher. So we are worrying that they might cancel The Punisher, too. Season 2 was recently released, and it was a hit. However, it seems that lately, Netflix cancels all the Marvel and Disney shows. And considering this, people might not even want to give them a try if they’re going to get canceled anyway.

Jessica Jones

Here we have the same problem. This one is about a detective who is also a superhero. Its third season is on its way. People from Netflix said that she’s one of the most empowering female superheroes on TV right now. They don’t want to lose her, due to the fact that its character is quite good when it comes to the topic of mental health. But who knows? After all, it’s Netflix we’re talking about.





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