Why a VPN is Useful for Everyone in 2019?

Even if you have nothing to hide a VPN solution is still useful. ISPs, governments and select websites closely follow your online activity. Privacy seems to have disappeared but that is not the case. A virtual private network –the long name for VPN- will help you keep your data safe.

In the past only large companies used VPNs because the process of setting and using one was quite complicated and expensive. Today most VPN solutions will ask you to simply download a client, enter your account credential and click on the start button.

A reliable VPN service should work across all your devices, from PCs and laptops to portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

When a user is connected to the VPN the data sent between the device and websites and other internet services is encrypted in order to make it hard to intercept and read. This will render visited websites, passwords and other sensible information completely secure.

The main two motives for using a VPN

  1. Keeping your accounts secure

In order to prevent frauds most websites and online services require users to create an account. From playing a game to paying your bills, you will have to do them while you are logged in. Since it would be hard to keep track of several passwords most users use one main password for several accounts.

If you have to use a public Wi-Fi tour data will become available for anyone that has access to the same connection and has few simple tools that can be used in order to extract the data.

  1. Avoiding targeted advertising and other privacy issues

This is the bigger reason for getting a VPN.  By using a VPN you will escape targeted advertising while also keeping your internet habits a secret as no one can see that sites you visit, things you buy or the content you download among other things.

One of the best VPN solutions that are currently available is PureVPN. The service offers a wealth of options, built-in privacy features and over 2000 servers spread around the world. A choice of subscription plans makes it affordable for everyone and lucky users enjoy significant discounts during the holydays.

Happy browsing!

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