When Will Spotify Be Released in India?

It is an unwritten rule that says that Spotify really needs to be launched in India. The company has been sitting in line in Mumbai for over a year, and, according to the updates recently, the 31st of January would be the date of this miracle. But that already happened and we see no Spotify in India, all because of Warner Music Group, which is the third-largest music company.

Why we won’t see Spotify in India soon

Apparently, Warner filed an injunction against Spotify in Mumbai, saying that the company had changed the course when it came to the licensing negotiations and left Warner with no choice but to go for legal action to kind of stall the launch in India.

The problem is that Spotify didn’t secure licenses for Warner’s music, as it did with Universal and Sony, with which it has major deals in India. Instead, the company tried to get a statutory license – which is a kind that applies automatically, and it’s usually used with radio stations and TV broadcasters, to cover all the rights of the songs.

What’s Warner point of view in this matter?

According to a statement from Warner, the company has falsely asserted this statutory license. However, according to Spotify, Warner has an abusive behavior, and it revoked the previously license because of some reasons that don’t really had to do with Spotify’s launch in India.

Monday afternoon, the local court has denied Warner’s request for an injunction, saying that they are hoping to see a negotiated solution with Warner, that’s going to be based on market rates. Then Warner called Spotify a liar and added that their comments were appalling to them.

On Tuesday, we found out that Spotify will actually launch in India this week, due to Warner’s denied emergency injunction.



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