WhatsApp has Recently been Declared the Most Downloaded App in 2018

Millions of people from all over the world probably have WhatsApp on their phones. In fact, almost every person who owns a smartphone used this app at least once in their lifetime. The huge popularity turned WhatsApp into the most downloaded app in 2018.

The statistics were initiated by the service company specialized in app analysis Apptopia. They recently published a report stating that the instant messaging platform developed by Facebook was a communication mean chosen by most people this year. The competition was hard, because WhatsApp had to face a strong social media channel (Facebook) and other apps like Messenger, Messenger Lite, Instagram or Facebook Lite.

A huge number of people used WhatsApp this year

If you care about figures, we will tell you that WhatsApp was downloaded by 779 million users only in 2018. This number might be influenced by the app’s versatility: it can be used on both iOS and Android. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget about all its cool features: it gives users the possibility to send instant messages, pictures, videos, emoji, files and more.

Also, communication is done very fast, as long as you have a reliable Internet connection. In this case, people can use WhatsApp for reaching their beloved ones even if they are in different parts of the world. Furthermore, it facilitates group interactions through calls, online conferences and other communications means.

If we are talking about social apps, we should also mention game APKs. Helix Jump is the most downloaded gaming app in 2018, with over 334 million users. These figures are a little bit puzzling for the gaming community because people thought that Fortnite or PUBG Mobile will be leading the charts.

Adam Blacker, Vice President at Apptopia, declared that we shouldn’t be surprised about the results, because Helix Jump is an addictive game. He used the occasion to mention Spotify as the most downloaded music app, Netflix for entertainment, Uber for traveling, Wish for shopping and Uber Eats for food and drinks.

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