What Should you Expect from the Next Generation of AirPods?

Health Features

Apple is getting even more focused on health day by day, and that has been proved by the fact that an ECG support was launched by the company last month on the Apple Watch. Moreover, Health Records and other similar platforms are also expanding. According to Tim Cook’s statement fro CNBC, the greatest contribution that Apple can get to mankind will be related to health.

With that being said, you would not be surprised to find out that the AirPods, Apple’s one of the most popular products, will have some new functionality related to health.

This week Digitimes released a report saying that the AirPods 2 will get some health monitoring functionality this year from Apple. It is unclear how that could happen with a pair of earphones, but it is not the first time this idea goes around. Last year Apple also appeared in a report from Bloomberg saying that biometric sensors will be added to the AirPods. Last month Apple was also granted a patent showing how biometric functionality can be added with an interchangeable AirPods design.


When the AirPods have been released for the first time in 2016 the users’ community mainly mocked them for their bright white design and the extra long stem. However, since then, the AirPod’s design has become iconic as more and more people are using them and its popularity is increasing.

Ming-Chi Kuo reported in December that the AirPods that will launch in 2020 would have an entirely new design. However, this week, another report from Digitimes suggests that the 2019 AirPods will also feature a new design. Otherwise, the introduction of the aforementioned health feature could not be added.

There is also a possibility that Digitimes and Kuo are not talking about the same thing.

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