What Can We See on The Sky from The 20th Of January Till The 24th?

The total eclipse of the Moon from Sunday night comes with a few days after that show a beautiful pre-dawn combination between Jupiter and Venus.

20th of January, Sunday

All over America, if it’s a clear sky, you can see the biggest event of the week: the total eclipse of the Moon. The Full Moon will appear at 12:16 am EST, then will sort of hang out there in the Earth’s shadow. The partial phases start at 10:34 pm EST. At first, the shadow will appear to be gray, but then should appear as orange. The color will be shown at its best from 11:41 p.m. to 12: 43 a.m. EST.

21st of January, Monday

The asteroid 433 Eros will continue to come closer with Earth this week. At the 9th magnitude, it will glow, and it will be bright enough to see it by using small telescopes. Tonight the asteroid will pass 2° west of 3rd-magnitude Iota Aurigae. This place is put in the east after darkness falls and it will pass at around 9 pm local time. This year is pretty special, because Eros will not be as close (or as bright) again, until 2056.

23rd of January, Wednesday

The Pleiades and Hyades star will be at their highest in the south, early in the evening, but it will remain conspicuous until after midnight. The Pleiades looks like a small dipper if we are to look at it with the naked eye.  The Hyades forms the V-shaped head of Taurus. It’s best to watch them with binoculars.

24th of January, Thursday

Saturn passed on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth and it already seems to be low in the southeast. From certain latitudes, Saturn rises more than an hour before the Sun, and it climbs with about 5° above the horizon.



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