U.S vs Iran: The Tension Is Rising – Will There Be a War?

We have seen how tensions have arrived in the past year in the US. It all happened due to the fact that the US President Donald Trump preceded to pull out Washington of a nuclear deal with the Tehran. The deal was aiming to limit the ability of the country to develop a weapons program.

Ever since that happened, the US has classified the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as being a terrorist organization. This is the first time ever when this has happened to a branch of the military of a country.

The US had also tightened the sanctions when it came to Iran’s oil exports, and it has also tried to cut the economic situation of Tehran. In the meantime, Iran was blamed for sabotaging the oil tankers in the gulf.

Some us officials they do that you’re planning on launching missiles and that their target is Iran. They say that this is their response to the drone downing. However, the approval for this attack was suddenly withdrawn. The White House did not make any comments with regards to this matter,  even if people have asked for details. we are not sure how far the preparation for the attack had actually gone.

According to some officials, the worst case scenario is an action that can lead to war.  However, many people believe that the invasion of Iraq is a war. The tension is rising.

Will the US actually start a war with Iran?

If we are to take into account all that has happened from the tanker sabotage to the drone downing and the conflicts that are well known in the Middle East, it is safe to say that the situation is agitated. However, this does not mean that they are in full war mode. Most of the sides have stated that they do not want war to happen.


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