Trump to Play the ‘Emergency’ Card to Build His Wall

Here’s the deal: the House does not agree on passing a spending bill that would give Trump the $5.6 billion he wants to build his wall, and Trump doesn’t want to sign a bill that doesn’t have it.

Essential government personnel doesn’t get paid for their work

Now we deal with a partial government shutdown, and it’s bad – the essential government personnel isn’t paid for the work they do. Trump wants to find a way to work things out, and he might have found out. He made an official statement in which he said he would declare a national emergency and use it as a pretext to build his wall.

The thing is that, he would solve this problem for a year, but it will do it at the expense of the constitutional order. This is entirely legal, but it’s not a very good way to govern.

Emergency governance is now a standard practice

In 2018, there were twenty-eight active federal national emergencies – all different. Some were real, others were imminent. Six from Bill Clinton’s presidency – which ended about 18 years ago. Mare than twelve were about health emergencies.

By doing this, leaders aren’t necessarily abusing their power, but they are using it to create some beneficial legal situations, or to free a certain amount of money for a certain purpose. However, if we just think about it, power will be abused at some point. Even though there is action taken against these emergencies, presidents have way too much power, anyway, to act alone.

Let’s say you agree with Trump and you want him to construct the border wall, but shouldn’t you think about this kind of power, in the hands of numerous presidents? Trump will find a way to fund his wall, probably by playing the emergency card.



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