Trudeau Barely Talked with the Chinese President Xi Jinping at G20

Canada did very well when it made a “broad international coalition” of those countries which support Canada, and also believe that arbitrary detentions are not suitable for the country. This comes from Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland. She spoke at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. 

She talked to the reporters together with Finance Minister Bill Morneau. They stated that China heard about the detention of two Canadians from many countries. They said that efforts are still counting at the summit. 

The Prime Minister’s Office stated that Justin Trudeau had constructive interactions with the Chinese President Xi Jinping on the very first day of his arrival at the gatherings of major economies. 

It seems that Trudeau and Jinping barely talked 

There are video footages from a working lunch on Friday. We can see the two leaders sitting beside each other. However, we can also see them not interacting for many minutes while the cameras were positioned right on them. We could see Justin Trudeau trying to talk to the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who was sitting on his side. 

We have heard that Trudeau and Xi greeted each other before the (not) interaction from the footage. After the working lunch, the two men were seen chatting briefly. 

Canada has wanted for a very long time to talk to officials from China. This, besides the diplomatic discussions. The country is very open to talking about “higher levels” with China. 

As of now, communicating was quite tricky, due to the fact that the Chinese officials have shown that they have no interest in talking with the country, including Freeland or Trudeau. 

Trump will meet the Chinese leader, too 

Canada is relying on the influence that the U.S President, Donald Trump has. They want the state to raise the issue in their meeting. The meeting will take place on Saturday. 


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