Top 3 Essential SEO Factors for Website Ranking in 2019

Understanding SEO is critical in helping your website rank higher with Google. The Android parent has changed the way it ranks websites during 2018 by implementing Artificial Intelligence technology in nearly 30% of all search queries. This makes it more difficult for websites to rank with the help of standard SEO strategies. Nonetheless, today we are going to present three essential SEO factors that all website owners should use in order to get a higher ranking.

#1 Podcasts

Podcasts are slowly but surely becoming the new age media. Nearly everyone has a podcast nowadays and it can be used as a platform to express thoughts, ideas and much more. The possibilities are infinite for with podcasts, but what really matters is the fact that podcasts can be used for marketing strategy. Having a podcast will make your website more engaging to customers and if it takes off, then it will also bring in new customers.

#2 Image SEO

This might come as a surprise but there are still many website owners who don’t realize just how important image SEO really is.  Everything should be taken seriously when it comes to SEO factors and this includes titles, headlines, content elements and most importantly, pictures. Another good tip here is to start using images that tell a story. Adding a couple of interesting images to your website’s articles will not only make them look better, but also be more informative.

#3 Eye-Catching Images

As we previously mentioned, image SEO plays an important in the ranking of a website. One of best ways to get more clicks on your website is to start using eye-catching images. This SEO factor works on the same basis as “clickbait” thumbnails that can be seen all over YouTube. Industry experts are reporting that good images will add an overall positive value to any website.

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