There’s a New Galaxy That Blows Bubbles of Gas and Cosmic Rays – It’s Not Much Different from Milky Way

There’s a spiral galaxy sitting 56 million light years from Earth. It is called NGC 3079, and it’s similar to all the other thousands of galaxies of its kind – it’s actually not that different from Milky Way.

Flames into space?

In its center, there is a fountain of gas that is flowing from its core – it looks pretty much like flames leaking into the space. But it’s not really a fountain; it’s more of a pair on huge bubbles, shells of gas that get inflated by some “engine” from inside the heart of the galaxy, with one lobe above and the other love below the midplane of the galaxy. Those bubbles come with high energy X-rays.

Images on the internet come from the Hubble Space Telescope data and data from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. The spiral arms are seen perfectly, and it has some compact objects, such as neutron stars or black holes orbiting it. It has an amazing structure. The x-ray data showed a visible light part that looks just like a popped bubble. The first lobe is 4,900 light years in size, and the second one is lower, at 3,600 light years across.

It glows more than our Sun

The x-ray data also showed that they might seem to be soap bubbles, with a dimmer interior. They are brighter. The upper love glows with more than a million times the energy of the Sun – our Sun. We don’t know what power is driving this thing, but it’s amazing and strong. It can push out gas into the intergalactic space at a speed worth of hundreds of kilometers each second.

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