The U.S Military Intervention in Venezuela Is Possible, but It Probably Won’t Happen

In a recent interview from this week, the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told some sources that the American military intervention in Venezuela is still o possibilit. It would be a move that can violate the international treaties and get the US into another conflict, like those on Afghanistan and Iraq.

There’s still hope, after the oil-rich security forces of the country stuck with the incumbent. Pompeo said that, unless Maduro stops everything on his own, Donald Trump will put in practice his plan. He made that plan very clear: military action is possible. He said possible, but it’s unlikely, according to some sources. There are many risks, including bloody and expensive conflicts and a possible civil war – if the government actually collapses. People from Venezuela want self-determination and they are drawing international condemnation for an illegal war.

A troop invasion is out of the question

This thing would not be a short-term investment. The infrastructure of Venezuela is dilapidated and they would need an extended stay in order to help with the upgrades if the U.S wants to intervene. Hospitals are not in a very good situation and they are full of blackouts. Water supplies are nowhere to be found – people have started to look for water in sewage drains.

Trump would also have to think about whether he wants to send American troops in this conflict with the security forces from Venezuela – which is made out of about 500.000 members.

Sources say that anything that’s an offensive measure could actually provoke a response – from the armed forces of Venezuela, or from Russia. They don’t think that America will get involved in this conflict.

The U.S might, in fact, have an interest in restoring the democracy and the human rights in Venezuela, and even protecting Juan Guaido, who is recognized as being the rightful president in Washington.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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