The Sims 5: What We Want to See in the Next Game?

The Sims is one of the best selling franchise out there. It’s been 19 years since the first game got released. We then got four sequels and many spin-offs.

The Sims 5 has no official release date, but it’s been said that the game is in works.

Open world: in terms of graphics

The last game from the franchise got rid of the explorations of an open world. We now have to select areas from the main menu. The Sims 3 had this feature, too, but the graphics were not that good. It would be nice to get an open world with better effects.

The customization of characters

The option to create a sim offers the player the chance to make its character as he likes, but where are all the details? Players want to change the skin, the eye color, the hair, the body type. Some of them might even want to add a tattoo. But they cannot do that, and players cannot express themselves properly.

More operating vehicles

The Sims 3 came with many vehicles, such as scooters, bikes, vans, cars. The 4th game did not come with this variety. Players want more vehicles to drive around. Also, they probably don’t want to find themselves in an empty slot, so how about a bit of distribution?

Proper aging

It is true the fact that The Sims only has a limited set of age, and they are grouped in a few categories. Players want a progressive aging effect, where their Sim ages as humans do. Where is the proper connection?


This is one of the biggest complaints from the community. Players sometimes lose their game progress because of power cuts of glitches. If we get a default auto-save, that means that we get the game stored at regular intervals. This will be helpful for all of us.

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