The Sims 5 New Technology – What Do We Know So Far?

New rumours say that The Sims 5 will come with awesome news

The Sims 5 is one of the most expected games in the years to come. Although fans would like to see it sooner, rumours say that we might not get the chance to play The Sims 5 until 2021. This is an optimistic prediction based on the current tendency noticed when the other parts of the franchise were released. However, developers and publishers know that they will have to provide some details soon, because fans are getting anxious to learn more.

One of the reasons behind the delay is that The Sims 4 still has a lot to offer. Besides, Electronic Arts and Maxis might have been waiting to see this game’s impact on the community and start working on a new project when they are convinced that The Sims 5 is a viable investment.

The new part of The Sims franchise could be compatible with new technology

The Sims 4 received new expansion packs and great additions in the first part of 2018. Most fans are still very excited about the new features and we can be sure that their interest will increase the game’s popularity and selling rate.

This doesn’t mean that The Sims 5 will remain just a project. Developers are working on creating a game that is compatible with modern technology, including new gaming consoles and PC.

So far, we haven’t had the chance to play The Sims on Xbox One or PS4. It looks like the 5th part of the franchise might give us this opportunity. Apart from new platforms, The Sims 5 could come with a pet expansion, the possibility to explore a large world and without loading screens.

However, no information was confirmed. Until The Sims 5 is released, all we can do is enjoy the 4th part of the franchise. Also, we should keep an eye out and find out when the new games appear.

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