The Prime Minister from Israel Said He Would Be Part of the Second Moon Mission

The Prime Minister from Israel, whose name is Benjamin Netanyahu has recently promised that the national government would help a second trip to the Moon.

He stated that they are planning on launching Beresheet 2. He also said that the State of Israel was a big part of the first launch and that they would happily be part of the second. They really hope that this time it will work, as he said during a cabinet meeting.

When will Beresheet 2 start taking a form?

Morris Kahn, who is the billionaire that founded the Israeli firm SpaceIL, has announced on Saturday that the arrangements for the mission will start right away, this weekend.

The Beresheet 2 spacecraft will try now to reach the point that its predecessor could not. With the last one, one of the engines failed, and the spacecraft crashed on the lunar surface.

Israel to become the 4th nation to land on the moon if the mission is successful

If this time, the mission will be a success, we will see Israel become the fourth nation to place a spacecraft on the moon. It will get in line with the other three nations that managed to do this: the Soviet Union, China and the United States. It is worth mentioning that it will also be the first privately build craft that will get to the moon.

The first Beresheet aircraft, which, in Hebrew, means Genesis, crashed into the surface of the moon because of some technical problems. It all happened after it got launched by the Israeli state in late February. It crashed during its final descent to the surface.

Kahn stated that the first step would be creating a committee to see how the second spacecraft will be made, then build it, then flew it. He did not give any more details about a certain timeline, but what they need to do first, is find someone who will fund this new project.


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