The Only Competitor of Netflix Right Now is Fortnite

Every day we see how more and more streaming services appear on the market, but Netflix is not worried. They said that they don’t compare themselves with the competition. Instead, they’re afraid of people that might choose to play video games instead of watching movies or tv shows.

We’ve seen its fourth-quarter earnings reports, and Netflix said that it accounts for about 10% of all the television screen time, which means that viewers stream 100 million of hours of content every day. By the end of 2018, the company had 139 million subscribers and 35% in revenue, but those were not their expectations.

Why Fornite?

Right now, Netflix is afraid of Fortnite. They said they compete, and even lose to Fortnite, more than they do to HBO.

Fornite is the most popular video game out there right now, and it has 200 million registered players. It brought more than $2.4 billion in revenue last year. The media says that an average player spends from 6 to 10 hours a week online.

It’s true, Netflix cannot compete with this video game, but they said that they would continue to improve the experience of the user so that the members of Netflix are happy to stay where they are.

They know that their popularity only depends on the user experience. Their focus is not how to beat Disney+, Amazon or HBO, but on how to improve the experience for their users. However, these improvements will come with a price, as the company has recently said that the subscription price will be increased by about 18%.

Last year, Netflix said that the biggest competitor was sleep. Because if you like a show, you stay up all night to watch it, so really, the only competitor was sleep.


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