The Most Revolutionary Car Tech Of This Year Revealed

As years go by technology continues to evolve. This is something that affects all industries, including the automotive one. This year we saw some of the most powerful engines of all times. Today we are going to take a look back at the best ones.

The GMC Sierra’s MultiPro Tailgate

The GMC Sierra was released last spring and its MultiPro tailgate soon got our attention. Its big advantage is that you can configure it in six different ways. This way it can provide a second loading tier, create a workbench, be a step for easier bed ingress and egress or simply allow easier bed access. It is nice to see all these functions in one place.

Mazda Skyactiv-X

The new Mazda model brought the Skyactiv-X and it’s worth talking about it. The engine should help the car owners save a lot of money on fuel because it uses “Spark Controlled Compression Ignition.” Mazda talked about this tech for many years and we expect the results to be just as good as their promises are.

Off-Road Cruise Control

This isn’t new technology, but 2018 brought some much needed enhancements to it. For example, BMW X5 and 2019 For Raptor managed to bring some of the best off-road cruise control options we have ever seen. The improvement can be noticed right away and we expect to see more cars use this tech in the future.

Tesla Model 3’s ‘Superbottle’

The Tesla cars can be considered quite revolutionary on their own. When we check out the Tesla Model 3 the coolant bottle is one of the most impressive parts. This is not just a coolant bottle with various components plumbed into it. Instead it has a coolant control valve, two pumps and a heat exchanger, built into it.

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