The Latest Windows 10 Update Packs an Annoying Bug

When the world learned that Windows 10 won’t allow users to disable the automatic update feature many users were afraid that the company will be able to push faulty updates that could wreck their system in one way or another.

A series of faulty updates proved that they were right but it seems that Microsoft will not budge and the updates will continue to remain mandatory for the foreseeable feature. There are some tutorials that teach users how to disable the updates for good but the process is quite complicated.

In seems that a new issue has surfaced recently as some Windows 10 users are unable to access the Microsoft Store app and the Windows Update feature. Affected users will be greeted by an error message which advises them to be patient and check their internet connection.

A Microsoft employee has acknowledged that the problem is currently under investigation but the exact cause of the issue has remained unknown. Those that wish to access the features are able to use a workaround provided by a well-known site but once again the process is quite complicated and the fix is only temporary.

Some claim that the issue could be caused by select ISPs but users from several countries have been affected, rendering the scenario almost impossible since the coincidence would be too big.

This is not the first bug that arrives with a Windows Update. When the October 2018 was released for the first time users from all over the world reported that they lost valuable files. The malfunctioning update deleted random files and overwrote the free space as soon as the old files disappeared. Since new data was added on the spot recovery attempts were met with 0 results.

The bug has been saluted by some users, since it is ironic that the system is unable to download new updates. It is likely that the issue will be fixed in the following days.

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