The Flash Episode 19 from Season 5 Comes With New Changes

Flash fans, look who’s coming back! The Flash series is back after some problems, but it will continue with full speed ahead.  If you are a curious fan of the Superheroes’ series, then you must know that the 19th episode from The Flash, Season 5 will be released soon enough, and we can see what will happen next with our beloved characters.

Season 5

If we make a short recap from the previous episodes, we can remember that Icicle is trying to apply his dangerous plan, but, like is happening with the one who wants to do bad things, he has some problems.  Icicle has to face Kaitlyn and Carla Tannhauser first.  The happy part here is that Kaitlyn and Tannhauser have left their personal problems to unite with each other for the greater good and to stop Icicle.

Moreover, Barry has taken a decision without consulting with Iris. This move will create a rift in the family. The sad thing is that Nora has cheated on him, and that is a reason for every human being to upset on, so Barry has his battle to face. Good news comes with the returning of Brie Larvan, Joss Jackam, and Peter Merkel to Central City.

Also, the CW has released a teaser trailer for episode 19th, and you can watch the 10 seconds alongside teaser images for the episode. In the pictures, you will see Grace Gibbons (Sarah Carter) that will return to do more damages. With so much important and influential character on the show, it’s definitely that the show will have many things to show.

Finally, don’t forget that The Flash, Season 5, Episode 19 will be released on 30 April on CW, at 8:00 P.M. Also, the name’s episode is Gone Rogue.

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