The Atmospheric CO2 Just Got to 415 PPM. This Is Happening for the First Time in the Human History

We deal with another red flag of the damage humanity does and how it affects the environment. And guys, it’s a bad one in a very long time – perhaps the worst one. We have crossed a line and we might as well see the polluted future, one that Earth has not seen in millions of years.

It all happened this weekend, when sensors in Hawaii screened Earth’s atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, that passed 415 parts per million. This has happened for the first time since before the dawn of humanity.

Why is this happening?

It seems that on Saturday, the carbon dioxide concentration that got recorded by researchers from the Mauna Loa Observatory reached 415.26 ppm, which is the latest in a series full of climatic thresholds. All is happening due to the human society that simply refuses to abandon the conveniences afforded by fossil fuels.

This is the first time this has happened in the human history of the planet, the first time our planet has reached more than 415 ppm CO2. We cannot stress enough the fact that we are not talking about the invention of agriculture, but about the time before modern humans actually existed, millions of years ago.

A few years ago we dealt with the carbon pollution that reached in the atmosphere 400 ppm. And then, in 2017, it reached 410 ppm. Researchers knew that eventually this would happen, too. It was really inevitable.

The carbon records have been broken this month, according to a site, actually from the 3rd of May. Of course, it’s a false data, which has been revised, but many sources have heard about this already. But we are not talking about false data right now. It’s the raw truth – we are dealing with 415 ppm of carbon dioxide.



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