The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs to Reignite the Volcanic Eruptions in India

The asteroid that has wiped off dinosaurs from Earth about 66 million years ago might have also reignited some massive volcanic eruptions in India, which is half a world away from where the impact actually happened.

The research was published in the journal called Science, and it got precise dates from the Deccan Traps lava flows, which linked the peak activity of them to be more close to the asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs.

Did these two events really contribute to the extinction of dinosaurs?

However, we’re not sure how the two events contributed together to the mass extinction.  The researchers has said that the huge lava flows that have erupted in the Earth’s history may have affected the atmosphere and, actually, changed the course of life on this planet.

Scientists from the UC Berkeley, from the US have demonstrated that the most precise dates of these volcanic eruptions in India were equal to those of the worldwide extinction that happened at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

The sequence of eruptions have spewed lava for distances of 500 km across the continent, the thing that led to the so-called Deccan Traps flood basalts, that are even 2 km thick in some placed.

Since they have dated the Deccan Traps lava flows from different locations, they can see better the transition, that really seems to be the same pretty much everywhere. The eruptions have occurred in the first 30.000-50.000 years from the impact, which means that they were synchronous in the margin of error. This represents a very important validation on the impact of the lava flows.

These dates also show that earlier estimates, that showed that the lava flows has continued for around 1 million years, also came with a surprise: three-quarters of the lava has actually erupted after the impact of the asteroid with the Earth.

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