Tensions Sparked Between The United States And Russia Following Navy Commander Comments

US Navy Commander John Michael Richardson made some worrisome comments recently when he urged the United States to be the ones that “push first” against Russia.  Such a statement couldn’t have gone unnoticed and many fear that it is a sign that the relationship between the US and Russia is quickly deteriorating.

“What’s really ominous about this is that nothing can be further from the truth. Admiral Richardson is actually a very thoughtful measured guy. And for him to say something this is to be taken very seriously and tells you exactly how far the escalation between the West and Russia really has gone,” declared John Jordan.

Jordan also added that these statements need to be “taken seriously”, as they reveal that the tensions could escalate. More than that, it reveals that the United States might simply be “reactive” in such a situation, but they could even be the “initiator”.

Escalating things?

The statement of US Navy Admiral John Michael Richardson continued, and it suggested that it would be a good thing to make Russia fight back: “It would be great if we could get folks, Russians, some of these competitors to respond to our first move. There’s an advantage every now and then to playing the white side of the board, and so that could come under a number of different options.”

According to Richardson, the United States shouldn’t be only “pushing back”, and they should also “push first” in some areas. We have to remind you once again that back in 2018, Trump send airstrikes against the Syrian government, an ally of Russia. Back then, Moscow promised retaliation if any of its troops located in Syria are injured in the airstrikes. The latest statement continues to increase tensions.

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