Supercell Enforces Fair Play For Clash of Clans

Rules are very important to any game, and without them things would be too chaotic to be enjoyable. Until now Clash of Clans did have some clear simple rules, but it appears that developers are planning to become a bit stricter in the future.

In a blog post Supercell announced that they are going to enforce fair play. It appears that developers want to make sure that players get to test their actual game skills and prove that they are really the best. The talks about the Fair Play policy.

“Creating a fair platform for players is at the heart of Supercell’s Fair Play policy. With the introduction of the Clan War Leagues in Clash of Clans we have provided, and continue to provide, a competitive arena where Clashers from around the world can test their skills and prove they belong among the “best of the best.” Our ongoing commitment to our Fair Play policy is something we are constantly evaluating to determine where we can make improvements and ensure the integrity of our game,” starts the blog post.

Clan War Leagues

It appears that this policy will revolve mostly around Clan War Leagues, especially since the Clan War Leagues World Championships are almost here. It appears that there have been players who have established the Clan War results beforehand. They did this “through negotiation, removing defenses, Star trading”, as well as other methods.

Since the Clan War Leagues are meant to test the actual war skills of a clan, developers announced that “extra scrutiny” will be put. Therefore, if a Clan is “identified as participating in win-trading” it will be banned for two seasons from all type of wars. There will be other additional actions including permanent account closure.

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