Sturgeon Moon 2019: All You Need to Know

The Sturgeon Moon is the name of August’s full moon, and some people are wondering when will it peak.

When will it occur?

The peculiarly – named Sturgeon Full Moon rises in the sky later this week when its Earth-facing side is fully illuminated by the Sun. August’s Full Moon will peak before rising for the night, at about 1:29 pm (London time) on Thursday, August 15. The Full Moon will rise on the horizon at 8:47 pm BST and set on Friday morning at about 6:23 BST.

Being the 8th full Moon of 2019, the Sturgeon Moon occurs almost precisely one month after July’s Buck Moon.

Reason for the unusual name

The name “Sturgeon Moon” originates from colonists and Algonquian – speaking Native American tribes because the Sturgeon fish can be found in both Europe and the Americas alike.

Other Native Americans in the region used other names to describe the Full Moon of August. The Ojibwe tribe of Southeastern Canada named the eighth Full Moon as the “Blackberry” Moon, which could also occur in July. That used to be a bit confusing at times.

The Cree of Ontario named the Moon “The Flying Up Moon” because the phenomenon occurred around the time when young birds would fledge.

In the Pacific Northwest area, people used to call this phenomenon “The Salmon Moon”.

In Asia, August’s full moon is associated with spiritism and some mysticism: In China, the seventh full moon) which in 2019 occurs in August) is around the time of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Some traditions believe that people who were not given proper respect when they deceased return on that day.

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