SpaceX Finally Tests Its ‘Starhopper’ Prototype Spacecraft in Texas

SpaceX gave it a test to the engines of its Starship on Wednesday, at its Texas test facility, according to some reports.

This prototype is supposed to go to the Moon and Mars

The company called the prototype “Starhopper”, and it’s supposed to test some technologies that SpaceX plans to use in a future spacecraft. This theoretical spacecraft is called Starship, and it’s supposed to travel the space, as per Elon Musk, and also the Moon and Mars. The Starship will carry 100 people and will need the use of a “Super Heavy” rocket. The Starhopper is a smaller version for testing the Raptor engines. These ones run on liquid methane and liquid oxygen, which means that they will not fly higher than 5,000 meters (that’s 16,400 feet) in the air. The test took place around 8:56 pm ET. Elon Musk tweeted then than it was a success.

Why it did not go higher in the air?

If we are to take into account some of the earlier comments by Musk, the test used only one engine, and that’s why it didn’t go very high. Starhopper is made out of stainless steel, and it is 60 feet tall. At its origins, it was more than twice that size, but it suffered some damage in January 2019 due to the high winds. Musk then said that the nosecone was not really necessary for further more tests of the prototype.

SpaceX spread fliers to locals before the test took place, so that special checkpoints will be set up during the test, in order to keep a safety perimeter. According to some of the sources, residents have complained about the road closures and their extended hours.

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