Scientists Find 15,000-Year-Old Footprint in Chile

A team of scientists from Chile has stated that they found a certain human footprint that probably dates back 15.000 years. This one is the oldest one found in America, according to some sources.

This is the most valuable proof that humans did not reach Patagonia until 12.000 years ago, according to Karen Moreno, who is the co-author of the research.

Did they really find a trace of a foot of a human adult?

Scientists believe that the fossil is an impression of the bare right foot of an adult. Everything about the study was published last week, in the journal called PLOS-ONE.

The footprint was actually found in 2010 at the paleo-archaeological site in Osorno, in the southern part of the country. Scientists have spent years trying to confirm the age of the fossil. They identified it to be from the species Hominipes modernus, which is related to the Homo sapiens species. It took them eight years to find out the real age of the fossil. They even had to convince their colleagues that it was, in fact, a footprint.

Researchers have found a lot of fossils throughout the years

New researches have been happening in Osorno since 1986, and scientists have found so far the remains of large animals, from mastodons to horses, to a llama, and some species of llama that are now extinct. Human footprints are 3.6 million years old, and they have been found in Laetoli, Tanzania.

In the year 1978, scientists have discovered some footprints made there, where three humans are believed to roam through the wet volcanic ash. Last year, a research team from British Columbia had found a footprint trail that dates back to 13.000 years ago. However, they were much younger and much closer to the Bering Strait than this new traces of footprints found in Patagonia.


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