Samsung Experience vs. One UI – New Differences Between Them

Samsung has been working hard in order to make One UI stand out in comparison to other OEMs released by smartphone manufacturers. The main focus was on putting the information in the center and this led to a number of visual overhauls. Some of the changes that are on par with those that arrived with the introduction of the Samsung Experience which was based on Android Oreo.

The new One UI is built upon an Android Pie foundation and it is already available in select countries for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Some may not like them but the changes are already here to stay. Read below to learn more.


Home screen

One of the most obvious differences is the shift of the clock from the right side of the screen to the left one. This may not seem much at work but some may be confused at first. The icons are also smaller but the design remains pleasant.


The equal button is a bit smaller. The color was also changed to green. These seem to be the only changes.


A few icons were shifted and those that use a Dual SIM setup will be able to choose the SIM that sends the message.

Smart Select

The changes are minor as the icons are a bit bigger and the nuances were changed.

About menu

No changes here as it looks identical to the one present on the Samsung Experience.


Here the UI was significantly changed. Under the Pictures title we can see four icons: Videos, Favorites, Locations and Suggestions. The old menu was moved to the lower side of the screen and provides the same features. The interface looks cleaner and more intuitive.


Some buttons were moved but the changes aren’t too dramatic. The overall UI looks similar to the old one and you really need to focus in order to perceive the differences.

It is likely that future flagships will be shipped with One UI pre-loaded.

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