Researchers Found Incredible Things in the Pacific Ocean: The Towers That Formed a Mirror

Scientists who were researching the microbial life from volcanic vents found out some incredible things about the ocean landscapes from the seafloor from the coast of California.

The team was led by an associate professor named Samantha Joye from the University of Georgia. They had in mind to explore sites from the northern and southern Gulf of California. They were supposed to analyze how microorganisms can live in the hot waters by the vents.

There are some images that are coming from the ROV SuBastian, which is a sub that is able to take samples and images around these vents. It’s operated from the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel, Falkor.

What about the towers?

They stated they had discovered incredible towers, where the surface was occupied by a type of life. The colors, which were vibrant, were found on the living rocks, and they showed diversity in the biological composition and in the mineral distributions.

Researchers are gathering microbes, and they’re analyzing their DBA from the boat, by making the most out of handheld sequencers. Then, on the shore, they are changing the equipment with a more advanced one. By now, they have visited eight sites in the Gulf.

However, the team was not only looking for microbes. They discovered geological formations, too. That means they also found mineral towers, which were 23 meters high (that’s 75.5 feet) and 10 meters (that’s 33 feet) across. These towers had metals and Sulphur, and they made hot fluids, of 366 degrees Celsius (that’s 690 degrees Fahrenheit). This hotter fluid seemed to combine parts of to tower, thing that led to the creation of the mirror effect.

The results of this research are not out yet. We’re expecting to find out even more interesting things.

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