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Past two decades have witnessed revolutionary advancements in the domain of information technology. The Internet has opened the doors to endless opportunities for people from all walks of life along with revolutionizing the corporate world. However, same as “every rose has its thorns”, the internet also has its downside. We cannot overlook the threats of cybercrime that always keep haunting the internet users especially when they choose to use an open source internet connection.  In this article, I will enlighten you on the key risks of using the unsecured internet connection and the benefits of safeguarding your online identity with a trusted VPN. As you proceed, you will also learn why Ivacy VPN stands out and what it delivers beyond its flagship data security and privacy services.

Never Take Your Security for Granted

Do you know 2 hacking activities take place within every single minute according to a recent study? It may sound incredible but hackers have stolen nearly 4 million records since 2013. According to another estimate, a total cost of the data breach may exceed $150 million by the end of 2020. Certainly, these figures and facts are alarming and indicate towards high vulnerability of internet users.

Losing your internet security is no jock. Remember, when you surf, browse, or stream using an unsecured connection such as a public Wi-Fi, you leave backdoors open for predators. As you appear online, data flows between you and your ISP through an uncovered path. Hence, not only can a hacker easily eavesdrop on your private information but it may also invite the attention of your internet service provider. These loopholes may cost you a lifelong trauma as these culprits can use the information to control or blackmail you. You can find hundreds of cases in newspapers where people had to commit suicide in the aftermath of their internet privacy theft. Therefore, never ever compromise on your online security.

How a VPN Strengthens your Security

Virtual Private Networking or VPN is arguably the ultimate protection against all threats relating to cyber-crimes. It masks your online identity through an encrypted tunnel preventing your ISP from having a clue about your location or data besides saving you from the hackers snooping about. People who use VPN to heighten the security of their internet connection can freely stream or browse whatever they like and exchange information with selected users without worrying about any unauthorized interference.

Choosing the Right VPN

Forget not the world of internet is full of scammers and liars whose job is to trap you into their tall and lucrative claims, steal your money, and disappear like they never existed. If you want to create maximum value for your money, you are in the right place. Yes, Ivacy VPN has managed to stay above the crowd due to its bundle of prominent features and incredible offers. The team behind Ivacy VPN always put their money where their mouth is to maintain the longstanding ties with their sizable family of clients.

What Makes Ivacy VPN an Ideal Choice

Even though spending more than 11 years in the market and the heights of customers’ satisfaction that Ivacy has achieved are enough to show its credibility, I am going to unfold everything that adds to its prominence to satisfy your curiosity.

Awards and achievements

Most recently, Best honored Ivacy VPN for nominating it for multiple categories of BestVPN Awards 2019 held in Los Vegas. Here, it is worth mentioning that the forgoing Award Show was a part of Affiliate West Summit 2019 which is a globally renowned event. Most of the brands had a reason to celebrate only for getting nominated for the Award irrespective of the final result. However, it was no surprise for Ivacy to steal the show with its repeated appearance on stage.

Ivacy VPN won the first prize for the category of “Fastest VPN” and stood runner up for “Best Overall” and “Best Value” awards. These are not the only feathers in its cap, but Ivacy has a tradition of outshining its rivals on each and every occasion. Such a remarkable recognition has nothing other than the love and trust of its customers which cannot be contrived. A provider has to stand out to even touch such heights of success that is only a beginning to Ivacy VPN.

Excellent reputation

What makes Ivacy VPN a highly trusted name is the reputation that it has earned over the period of time by generating excellent customer satisfaction. Ivacy stands apart from the entire scrape and even from some renowned providers due to the passion of its experts to deliver something beyond the customers’ expectations. It has a proven track record stretching over more than a decade under its belt to serve as the evidence of its credibility. You will find the internet flooded with highly positive remarks from the customers who have prior experience of using Ivacy VPN. Therefore, if you are looking a trusted name in the market of VPN service providers, Ivacy can arguably be your first choice.

Unconquerable protection

Though it is surprising to find most VPN providers fail to pay proper attention to their flagship service which is to protect the users’ information and privacy. One of the common problems faced by most of VPNs is that they offer a thin key which hackers can easily guess or retrieve using their most basic tools. In order to ensure foolproof security, you need a sophisticated security key with proper encryption.

Here again, Ivacy stands out with its 2 GB RSA key. Alongside, it perfectly masks your online identity with its encrypted tunnel through which the data flows between you and your internet service provider. Furthermore, you can easily enable IPv6 leak protection from its “settings” in order to beef up your security. IPv6 functions as a back-up security layer by disabling the internet connection as a precautionary measure if the secure VPN connection crashes (once in a blue moon) for any known or unknown reason. This is useful especially for the users who are extremely conscious about their security and don’t want to leave any single loophole in this connection.

Zero log

There are many VPNs out there that claim to provide zero-log but hardly uphold their promise. If you want to witness the true application of a no-log policy, subscribe for Ivacy VPN which never keeps any record of your data or traffic. Your username can be the only exception but, that too, not without your permission.

Access to 40+ channels with unblocking services

With Ivacy VPN, you can access more than 40 online streaming and broadcasting channels. If you are in love with Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, Pandora, Spotify, or any other renowned platform which do not work outside authorized countries due to geo-blocks or any other restrictions, you can bypass all such restrictions and stay tuned to the world of entertainment with Ivacy set up on your device.
The giant among all is Netflix and Ivacy has ample nodes & servers to support American Netflix, hence a user can connect to fast streaming servers with this Netflix VPN and enjoy ultimate streaming anywhere in the world.

Fast speed

Ivacy VPN offers high-speed connectivity with most of its servers which is a rare feature for any virtual private networking provider. You get excellent uploading and downloading speed with seldom errors or distortions. There are no annoying breakdowns or technical issues which you may suffer commonly while using an ordinary VPN service. Therefore, if you attach value to your peace of mind, there is no wiser choice than Ivacy for you.

P2P optimization

Torrenting is fun but P2P file sharing is getting scarce with regulations tightening up. Regulators have already slapped ban on many renowned torrenting platforms. If you love torrenting and don’t want to lose your favorite libraries, subscribe for Ivacy VPN as it unblocks the blocked torrenting sites. Besides, its P2P optimized servers come with excellent bandwidth for P2P file sharing. You can enjoy an endless and secure torrenting experience with your IP masked.

Split Tunneling

It is no exaggeration to say that Ivacy VPN has set the trend of split tunneling which may sound unfamiliar to some less savvy readers. As the term implies, split tunneling allows you to classify the data and traffic according to your own preferences. You can make selective parts of data or traffic pass through VPN and others through your regular internet connection. This is a valuable offer for users who want to make international and local transactions simultaneously.

Unmatched pricing

You may find it hard to believe that Ivacy VPN is available as such an amazing rate as $1 per month for its 5 yearly plan with the bundle of all its outstanding features. The team behind Ivacy is passionate about creating maximum value for the money of its customers. You can subscribe for a monthly, half-yearly, yearly, or 5-yearly plan depending on your particular needs. It is always better to go with longer time-periods as they cost comparatively much smaller than shorter-term packages.

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