PUBG Lite Update Available With New Improvements

After Thailand received the PUBG Lite Update in order to be beta tested four more countries were announced by the company to be the happy future players of this game.

The company is planning to bring the PUBG Lite in 4 additional countries. PUBG Lite will be available for these people living in the four countries with the purposes of testing it.

The PUBG update arrives in these countries

The company made a Facebook post in which they announced the news. It was published by the company that the PUBG update will be available to players that live in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia beginning with this Thursday on Valentine’s Day, 14th of February 2019.

The PUBG update will be available for download to people from these countries. Now, the light version of the game will be tested by players from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

The new features the PUBG update brings in players’ life

If you take a look at how the new PUBG update is named, you will see the word Lite. That means that it will be the lightweight version of the original PUBG game. With that being said, there is no fee to pay to play this game as it will be the lightweight version of it.

Do you want to get the PUBG update right now? Here is how to do it

Almost all features you can find in the original game will be introduced in the lighter version of PUBG along with this upcoming update. If you are interested in beta testing it, you can register to do so by yourself. You can avail the awaited PUBG update on your device after registering yourself as a player.

Starting from 14th of February 2019, if you are living in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia or Singapore, you will be able to pay the game with no fee included.

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