Prospective iPad Owners Should Wait until the New Models are Announced

Several sources claim that Apple will launch a new a refreshed iPad and iPad mini this spring. Prospective iPad owners should wait until the new models are released since the new devices have the potential to be quite good.

Many may be interested by the iPad Pro which was launched back in October 2018. While the device is quite powerful in most cases the specifications are beyond the needs of the casual user and the price tag is quite steep. The basic model starts at $799 while a top-of-the line version is available for $1,899. Even if you go for the base model accessories like the Smart Keyboard Folio and the useful Apple Pencil will push the price beyond $1,000.

The Pro-less versions are more affordable, with price tag for the iPad Mini 4 starting at $399 while the latest 9.7 baseline iPad model is even cheaper at $329

It is believed that the upcoming models will remain affordable, while the internal specs will be bumped in order to make them more attractive. The need for a slim iPad is underlined by the fact that the 4th generation iPad mini manages to be more expensive than the latest standard iPad model.

Both devices will deliver what most Apple users want from their device, a lightweight but durable body, a processor that is able to handle most apps, a high-quality Retina display, the beloved touch ID sensor and the optional cellular for those that need to access the internet on the go.

The Pro line is acclaimed by some voices but those that buy it will usually use advanced programs that allow them to edit videos and music, draw impressive art or employ other productivity apps that are quite demanding. The average user who wishes to enjoy a Netflix binge on the couch will have to wrestle with an unwieldy device that becomes quite heavy to hold after some time passes.

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