Police to Find the 7-Eleven Killer from El Paso

It all happened in El Paso, Texas, where detectives from Crimes Against Persons Unit found the 7-Eleven seller that was killed in Far East El Paso – his name was Arbin Iglesias, and he was 25 years old. The investigation about the Wednesday attack from the gas station is still going, as police said.

The police officers from Pebble Hills Regional Command went to the store due to a welfare check that included the store’s seller. When the police entered the store, they found the seller dead from a gunshot wound.

It all happened during a robbery

The investigation that showed that Iglesias was the victim of a murder that took place during a robbery, and also his truck was stolen by the robbers. Police think that the killer left the El Paso County in that stolen truck and that he went east. All the law enforcement agencies from everywhere around the country were warned about the victim’s car, which was a pickup, a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado. They also said that the Texas Department of Public Safety later confirmed that the car was in Junction, Texas and that the offender is deceased.

At about 10:40 am, a police officer inducted a traffic stop that involved a gray Chevrolet Colorado truck. As the police officer started to approach the car, the driver started shooting him. Then the police officer also fired his gun, and the suspect left in the car.

The suspect was later found dead

It all ended sometime later when the driver of the truck was found dead, probably from suicide by gunshot. The Texas Rangers were the ones to start working on the investigation. The suspect was not identified by neither EPPD, nor DPS.

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