Planet Nine Is Way Closer Than We Initially Thought

Scientists decided 13 years ago that Pluto is actually not a planet that orbits the sun, so it got a whole different definition. In 2014, scientists have started to talk about the existence of another planet which might be in our Solar System. Now they have clear evidence on this matter.

Fred Adams completed his study, in which he revealed that Planet Nine would be discovered in about ten years. Adams came to this conclusion when it analyzed a computer model of the evolution of the Solar System, in order to see where Planet Nine may be hiding.

Planet Nine will be 5 to 10 times as massive as Earth

According to Adams, the position of Planet Nine is much closer than they expected. He stated that Planet Nine would be about 5 to 10 times as massive as Earth, and it will be orbiting 60 billion kilometers away.

However, they do lack the missing link of the formation of the planet. In the last decade, there were some surveys made about the extrasolar planets that showed that some similar-sized planets are actually very common around other stars like the Sun.

Another study showed that, indeed, Planet Nine might exist. According to the scientists, the orbit of Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO) could be the result of cumulative gravity of many small objects, that happen due to the massive object called Planet Nine.

Some weeks back, another study showed that the combined gravitational force that was used by a disc included some icy bodies, that might be the actual result of the weird orbits of Kuiper Belt Objects.

There are many conspiracy theories out there that say that Planet Nine is actually Planet X, and that it will cause the apocalypse on Earth.


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