Pete Davidson Just Compared the Catholic Church to R. Kelly

Pete Davidson kept this week’s talk about all the celebs brought down by the allegations of sexual misconduct. The comedian had to apologize to another Weekend Update segment, where he made fun of Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s eyepatch. Even after all of this, he still proceeded to ask if being a supporter of the Catholic Church is not the same thing as being an R.Kelly fan. This analogy was not really welcomed by the audience, and we might see Davidson apologizing again when the show returns on the 30th of March.

All the popularity of R.Kelly will go to his defense

People were right to criticize Davidson because his examples are not the best ones. The segment is not quite bad when it comes to comedy. However, Davidson made a mistake when he compared the Catholic Church to R.Kelly. Any money that’s being spent on R. Kelly’s art will probably go for his legal defense. Davidson’s idea of getting what is carbon offset for sex abuse is also a non-starter. All the organizations that fight sexual abuse aren’t getting in businesses that encourage people who don’t want to feel guilty to listen to “Ignition (Remix).”

Separate the art from the artist

It’s been said that for people like R.Kelly, there’s one rule: if you want to listen to their music, you need to accept the fact that they are bad people. Pretending they don’t exist is not a good idea. You can appreciate their work, but only if you keep in mind what they’ve done.

It’s really the best thing you can do in these situations. It’s good to check to see if you can separate the art from the artist, especially when we’re talking about these kinds of situations. Make sure that you are always conscious of your choices.

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