People Are Skeptical About Boeing 737 Max 8 and Have Started to Ground the Airplanes

We all know what happened with the aircraft and the disaster, and now we have a new model that is now being watched from everywhere by aviation safety authorities after two crashes took place in 5 months.

The plane from The Ethiopian Airlines carried 149 passengers, and there were also eight crew members. The plane crashed on Sunday, not long after the takeoff. 18 Canadians died. The company said that they are currently gathering information to help the investigators to find out what was the cause of the accident.

Air Canada has 24 Max 8 jets, and WestJet Airlines Ltd. Has 13. These two said that they would continue to fly them. However, many countries have taken action in order to ground the aircraft.

The Ethiopian Airlines has 4 737 Max 8 jets, and it said that they are grounding them for now. China ordered the same thing, and Indonesia, too. Cayman Airways chose to ground their airplanes, too, temporarily and India has announced that they will do a safety review. Comair from South Africa proceeded to ground it’s only one Max 8.

Last October, 189 people died when Lion Air flew a 737 Max 8 flown, that divided into the Java Sea not long after taking off from Jakarta.

The Aviation Safety Network, which is a website that tracks all the plane crashes, showed that the 737 Max 8 – from its Sunday disaster – was first flown in late October, and the Lion Air plane was first flown in July 2018.

About the Boeing 737 Max 8

The plane is 39.52 meters in length, it has a range of 6,570 kilometers, its wingspan is worth of 35.9 meters and its engine is LEAP-1B from CFM International. The maximum number of seats is 210.

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