PayPal Warning: New Ransomware Encrypts Files And Tries to Steal Credentials Through Phishing Page

If you are using PayPal a lot to pay for your purchases or get paid through PayPal, then you should be aware of this latest ransomware which hasn’t been yet released. It is under development and has been detected by MalwareHunterTeam. Here is how you can stay away from this ransomware to protect not just your files, but also your PayPal credentials.

The ransomware has nothing special about it, but the ransom note provided below will try to steal your credentials if you plan to pay them through PayPal.

It gives you the option to pay with bitcoin or through PayPal. If you choose the second option and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, it will redirect you to a phishing site that will try to steal your credentials. The thing is that this site looks exactly like the legitimate PayPal page – the only difference being the URL –[.]php which will show another form where you must add personal information and an address.

Filling the requested info will have the phishing page telling the user that the account was unlocked and it will then send you to the official PayPal login page to login.

How to keep away from ransomware and scammers on the internet and protect your credentials?

The first thing you must look at is to see if the web pages you visit are legitimate: does the address look right? Does it match the content? If the answer is no, then do not enter your credentials and immediately leave that page.

As you can see, ransomware developers and criminals are utilizing trickier and smarter methods to steal money from their victims. It is important always to analyze any web pages that you visit before you enter your login credentials. If the address looks strange or does not match its content, do not enter your credentials and leave the page immediately.

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