Ontario Government’s Education Changes Has Teacher and Students Raging

Lots of educators from Ontario have started protesting the education system on Saturday on Queen’s Park. The protest was organized by members from 5 teachers’ unions. The protesters, from Dryden, have arrived in Toronto in about 150 buses. Many parents and students, and school board trustees have also joined them.

They said they wanted their voices to be heard and the message to be sent. They also wanted the students to know that they have all of their support and that they care about their lives at school.

The protest happened due to the provincial government’s decision to increase the class size in the high school grades and also in the intermediate grades. They also introduced e-learning modules and got rid of at least 3.475 full-time teaching positions.

School boards have said that the classes can get to 40 students and this will lead to various electives being canceled. The disaster could appear in the autism program from Ontario, which will have to deal with schools that may have to handle a mixture of students with special needs.

Last Thursday, thousands of students from 600 schools from the province had planned a walkout in order to protest these changes.

There will be no more space in classrooms

A teacher from Kitchener said that her courses are electives and that this situation will have an impact on her directly, because of the government’s revamps. She said that she doesn’t really see how someone could think this is a good idea. She said that cutting something that has to do with the education of the kids will not help them at all.

She said that her class has 33 students and that by adding even more students, her daily tasks will become a nightmare to her, and to other teachers, as well.

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