One of the Biggest Glacier Has Started to Grow Again

A big glacier from Greenland, one that was the fastest shrinking ice mass from Earth, has started to grow again, as NASA said.

In 2012, The Jakobshavn glacier started to retreat 3 km and got thinner with 40 meters. This happened annually. Now it has started to grow again, at the same rate from the past two years. Scientists think this is temporary. They had a surprise with this because they were used to the runaway system. They say that this is a reminder that it’s not going fast, but it’s still going.

Someone from outside the study said that this glacier is very important because it releases a lot of ice in the northern hemisphere – it’s like a king for Greenland.

A natural cyclical of the North Atlantic waters may have caused the glacier to reverse its course, as shown by a study conducted by a NASA glaciologist on the Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) project. They say that this situation coincides with a change in the Nort. H Atlantic Oscillation. The water from Disko Bay, which is where the glacier hits the ocean, is with 2 degrees Celcius cooler than it was a few years ago.

Is this good news or bad news?

This might be good news for some time, but in the long term, it’s bad news, because the scientist says that the temperature of the ocean has a huge role in the glacier retreats and advances than it used to be.

Over the past ten years, the water has been warmer and will be warmer from the climate change (the man-made one) – about 90% of the heat that gets trapped by the greenhouse gases comes into the oceans. We might need to raise the predictions of the sea level rise – again.

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