November Security Update is Coming on LG Devices With New Features

A lot of smartphones are receiving the December security patch update, but others still have to wait until this happens. According to the latest news, several handsets from LG are still waiting for the November update and they will receive during following days.

Verizon is one of the companies that put a lot of emphasis on security. Like many other companies, they also released the series of monthly updates meant to improve the phones’ functionality and fix any bugs. Now, Verizon reached the moment when they will introduce the November security update on a series of handsets: LG V30, LG Zone 4 and LG Exalt.

 The update comes with upgraded software for LG V30 and other features

The November security patch is available for LG users from the USA, but it will soon reach other parts of the world as well. We all know that, every time a new update is released, it comes with improved functionality and better security for all the devices that receive it.

In our case, we are talking about software updates and exciting Android features:

  • LG V30 comes with a new software version and this gives the device new features. For example, the camera has a few improvements (developers added the portrait mode that can be adjusted through a sliding feature). Also, the users can use special images to create GIFs;
  • LG Exalt comes with a new Manage contacts feature and changes in the RTT call mode;
  • LG Zone 4 has all the previously reported bugs fixed thanks to this security update. This device will also receive the December patch soon.

The update is OTA and it should ”land” on the mentioned devices soon. All you need for installing it is a Wi-Fi connection and some free storage space. Also, make sure that you make back-ups of all your important data, because the update could delete them. Last, but not least, you should have enough battery powering up the operation (at least 50%).

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