New Game of Thrones Turning Point: Jon Snow and Daenerys, Allies or Enemies at the End?

The premiere of Games of Thrones’ season 8 has finally came, and all the fans from all over the world had the satisfaction to find out what everybody was wondering for years, that John Snow wasn’t illegitimate. Sam and Bran had found out the truth about Jon Snow’s parents last season, but the descendant of a Targaryen King doesn’t know yet. He doesn’t know his the true heir to the Iron Throne, and that Daenerys Targaryen is his aunt.

However, what happened next is that Sam had finally revealed the truth to Jon about his real heritage, but his reaction was to reject the fact. Jon Snow considers that he gave up this right when he bent the knee. A clever move from Sam was the reminder that Snow gave up the crown for saving his people, but Daenerys will do the same? Jon only now will realize that Daenerys is more ruthless than he imagined.

What Will Jon Snow Decide?

This will be a crucial moment for Jon Snow because he has to decide if he will announce his heritage and take back his throne, or if he will remain to obey Daenerys. If we look back, Jon Snow hadn’t spent one season from eight with Daenerys, so he has no idea what she can do, who she had murdered, and if she values the power above all.

Moreover, in season 7, John and Daenerys had begun, and they have pushed this connection to romance. The problem is that at this point they still don’t know much about each other, and Sam’s revelation will have an impact on Jon’s decisions.  So what will Jon Snow decide is very important, because he has to balance the duty to the Seven Kingdoms, and the responsibility for Daenerys. So being trapped between love and commitment is a hard call for a man.

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