Nasa’s New Horizons: What Does Ultima Thule Look Like, in Fact?

We have all seen how scientists have found Ultima Thule. They are now studying new ideas about is shapes, after they had examined the latest images that were sent to Earth. The pictures were taken by New Horizons on the 1st of January, which show the rounded body actually being quite flat. These explanations are evident from the data that’s given by NASA’s spacecraft, when it looked back at the Ultima Thule, when it zoomed past at 50,000km/h.

The scientists are able to see the crescent sunlight along the limb. The way background stars blink off and on show where the edges are. We have seen that there are not two spherical bodies that are in contact with each other, but rather it has a more squashed form.

So how does it look like?

The team now says that the larger lobe, that was nicknamed “Ultima” looks like a giant pancake. The smaller lobe, which was nicknamed “Thule” has the form of a dented walnut.

They first thought they knew how the Ultima Thule looked when seeing the images that came back to Earth, which had totally changed their view.

Its form is actually flat – just like a pancake. And these new images create scientific puzzles in showing how an object is formed. This is a brand new thing – no one has seen something like this orbiting the sun before.

New Horizons met Ultima Thule 6.5 billion km away from Earth. This encounter showed a new record for the most distant ever to visit an object from Solar System by a spacecraft.

The meeting happened in a frozen region of the Kuiper belt. They hope that Ultima Thule’s structure will be able to reveal new details on how all the solar bodies made their appearance around 4.6 billion years ago.

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