NASA Has Big Plans For The Next-Generation Telescopes

NASA made numerous groundbreaking discoveries during time, and its upcoming plans are bigger and bigger. This time it appears that the space agency has decided to develop telescopes as much as possible. The future of this planet is an unstable one, and Earth is affected by various factors that could destroy it one day. Discovering a planet that could hold life might become a priority really soon.

We already know that there are more than 3900 confirmed planet beyond our solar system. However, we don’t know everything we need to know about them. In order to find out whether they have adequate conditions, better telescopes will be needed.

Massive telescopes

NASA is planning to create big telescopes in the future. The James Webb Telescope for example was designed with 18 hexagonal mirror segments and its diameter is of 6.5 meters. If this seems big, you should know that future telescopes should be much larger. From what we heard, we could see telescopes with more than 100 mirror segments, with a diameter of 15 meters.

In order to have a reference point for the telescopes, MIT engineers want to use a shoebox-sized satellite. This would act as a “guide star” for the telescope. The best part is that the technology we have nowadays makes it possible to create such a system. In addition to that, the guide star would end up helping scientists to save a lot of money.

“The reason this is pertinent now is that NASA has to decide in the next couple years whether these large space telescopes will be our priority in the next few decades,”said Ewan Douglas. “That decision-making is happening now, just like the decision-making for the Hubble Space Telescope happened in the 1960s, but it didn’t launch until the 1990s.’”

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