NASA Chief Wants to Revive the Glory of Apollo Missions

In less than 50 years spaceflight shifted radically. Once, the country was willing to go above and beyond for its space program. Now, it barely seems interested when a launch takes place. The Apollo program was once the pioneer when it came to exploring what is beyond Earth.

In our days, the government doesn’t seem too willing to invest in space exploration and this is obvious when we take a look at a long list of fruitless discussions and rejected or canceled moon projects.

NASA Administrator Jim Brindenstine wants to alter this course radically. In less than a year after taking the reins he has managed to make an impression, due to his vocal ways when it comes to the importance of future space missions.

During a recent interview he reiterated his ardent plans as he truly wishes to make a difference. Apollo 8 premiered over five decades ago, during a period that was still filled with international tensions. The USA and the Soviet Unions were the only contestants in the space race as each tried to outperform the other in order to claim that their technology was better.

Back then NASA was willing to go all-in for a project, including the removal of lander from the main mission, a decision that would ruin the reputation of the agency today. Since the technology we own today is considerably more advanced, a new lunar mission would allow us to learn a lot more about the satellite.

Bridenstine believes that exploring the moon should be a first and pivotal step before humanity decides to expand to targets that are much more distant in comparison to our natural satellite. Creating a station on the moon would allow researchers to observe how the human body adapts to a different environment and explore new solutions that could mitigate the negative effects that may occur.

He is inspired by the Apollo missions, and noted that it is important to continue the legacy of those that worked so hard for the project.

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